More Than Just Some Pretty Words

I recently came across this Poem by British palindromist Leigh Mercer (1893-1977):

A dozen, a gross, and a score,

Plus three times the square root of four,

Divided by seven,

Plus five times eleven,

Is nine squared and not a bit more.

Whenever I come across little quips like this, I’m always skeptical. Is this just something fun to say, or does it actually make sense? Well I immediately got to work, and here’s the actual equation:

Poetry Equation

Leigh Mercer's Poetry Equation

Yup! It all checks out. Now just commit this poem to memory and you’ll have an entertaining piece of mathematics to share at parties.


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  1. I gotta imagine if your memorizing this poem, your probably not gonna be invited to alot of parties. But cool none the less.

  2. He’s invited to all my parties.

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