Hello wall, meet my head

I really shouldn’t have to post this, but here it is:

There is no PROOF of life outside of the Earth…

…At least not yet. I am saying this because a good friend of mine recently tried to argue with me that “they’ve found life on Mars.” First off, I’m not sure who “They” is, and secondly, it’s just not true. (FYI here is NASA’s official stance on life outside of Earth.) Take note that they say “Not Sure” as opposed to, “We know there is life!!!!!”

Believe me, I’ll be one of the first people dancing in the streets when life outside of our planet is found (wether it be intelligent or not). There’s been lots of “possible signs” of life outside of Earth (usually in the form of fossilized meteorites, or water/methane found on other celestial bodies). But for the time being it’s just us.


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