It was just a joke!

Earlier today I was asked “What’s the difference between a hormone and an enzyme?”

Immediately I tried to recall my old biology classes. I knew that hormones were made in one part of the body for use by another part and that enzymes are sort of made the same way. I couldn’t really distinguish the two in my head, and then I realized the answer that they were looking for: “You can’t hear an enzyme”. Although I actually messed that answer up and said “You can’t always make an enzyme but you can always make a hormone!” Read the rest of this entry


Slow and Steady…

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I’ve been keeping my thoughts in 3 separate blogs, in journals on my MacBook, notes on my iPhone, an actual paper journal (yes, some of us still use them) and various post-it’s stuck around my desk. It wasn’t practical and it was a bitch to track down an idea that I may have only written about once. Read the rest of this entry

It Begins!

The new blog is coming soon….stay tuned!