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Separating Practical from Mythical

I was recently having lunch at a popular grocery store/cafe when I overheard the conversation next to me. Two women were speaking to each other about their churches and sharing their personal histories with each other. At one point in the conversation the shorter of the two women mentioned that at some moment in her past a judge had ruled that she might be a danger to herself as well as her husband and children. There was talk of suicide and some other troubling situations, but Read the rest of this entry


Slow and Steady…

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I’ve been keeping my thoughts in 3 separate blogs, in journals on my MacBook, notes on my iPhone, an actual paper journal (yes, some of us still use them) and various post-it’s stuck around my desk. It wasn’t practical and it was a bitch to track down an idea that I may have only written about once. Read the rest of this entry